Darrin Hagen

Darrin is a playwright, actor, sound designer, composer, performer, director, and TV host based here in Edmonton Alberta. As a playwright, he has written and co-written over twenty plays, beginning with his first work, The Edmonton Queen: Not a Riverboat Story, which received an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes award in 1996. Other works include: Tornado Magnet: A Salute to Trailer Court Women (1997); Tranny Get Your Gun! (1998); Li’l Orphan Tranny (2000); Tranne of Green Gables (2002); Men Are Stoopid, Women Are Cra-azy (1999, co-written with Chris Craddock); PileDriver! (1999); BitchSlap! (2005); The Neo-Nancies(2006); Hitler’s Kickline (2006); Planes, Trans & Automobiles (2007); 2 Queens and a Joker (2008), Buddy (2009) at Theatre Network; With Bells On (2010), Typhoon Judy (2012); Klondykes (2016),and Prepare for the Worst!(2016) both with Trevor Schmidt.  Since 1991, “Guys in Disguise” has produced the annual Loud & Queer Cabaret with Workshop West Theatre- The first and largest queer performance festival in western Canada.

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