Our upcoming production of WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND by Darrin Hagen, affords the perfect opportunity to launch a discussion on human and civil rights as a part of your Social Studies curriculum, from a historical perspective, and in present day.

Student matinees are at THE BACKSTAGE THEATRE 10330 84 AVENUE, Tuesday, November 30th, 12:00 p.m.; tickets are $15 per student. WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND has a 95-minute run time, no intermission. There will be a post-show discussion after the performance.

WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND tells the 1942 story of 10 Edmonton men–all gay–who were rounded up, persecuted and prosecuted for their private lives.

WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND uses actual court transcripts, witness statements, and the original evidence to tell their story, and the story of the devastation to the families, the theatre community, and ultimately to the men themselves. Playwright Darrin Hagen has transformed his fringe hit into a full-length theatre piece that is not to be missed. The show runs November 23-December 4th, 2016.

Suitable for grades 10-12, WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND is an important play not only from a historical perspective but contains thematic elements that resonate with today’s social and cultural questions. Drama, English, and Social Studies curriculums would all benefit from this landmark production.

Opportunities for discussion based on themes presented in the play:

  • Recognition and respect for individual and collective identity
  • What is democracy in a pluralistic society?
  • Civil and Human rights continue to be a battlefield (consider the recent and contentious issue over “bathroom” rights)
  • Private vs Public life–in the age of the social media and internet, what can be held against the individual?
  • Is it bullying when it’s your own government?

WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND was an enormous hit at the 2016 Edmonton Fringe Festival, opening up all sorts of discussion on the aforementioned. Award-winning playwright Darrin Hagen has recently been named one of Alberta’s 25 Most Influential Artists. Directed by David Cheoros, with set, lighting, and production design by T. Erin Gruber, costumes by Geri Dittrich, with a tremendous cast of actors, Jesse Gervais, Mathew Hulshof, Doug Mertz, and Davina Stewart, WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND will open the hearts and minds of the persecuted and bystander alike.

WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND runs November 23-December 4, 2016 at THE BACKSTAGE THEATRE 10330 84 AVENUE.

We hope to see you there!

For additional information please contact:

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre

780-477-5955 ext *13