Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre is pleased to announce:

NASRA ADEM has joined the company as an Artistic Associate.

The 22-year-old multidisciplinary artist has performed at a number of poetry and spoken word festivals across North America. Nasra studied musical theatre at MacEwan University, and is currently the founder of Sister 2 Sister: Women of Colour Artistic Showcase, a monthly showcase of women artists of colour. She’s also been named Edmonton’s second-ever Youth Poet Laureate. As a woman who is truly devoted to creative and spiritual authenticity, Nasra is excited to continue to use her artistic practice as a way of breaking barriers, reimagining realities and creating forward momentum within her communities. Nasra will be the curator of BAM! (Black Arts Matter) a new event that will feature local Black artists in conjunction with CANOE 2017.

For more info on BAM! Call for Submissions go to