A series of post show salons!

Directly following selected performances of MATARA

Sun., Dec. 2, matinee

Animal Welfare at the Zoo

Why does animal welfare matter? How can we maintain the physical, emotional and behavioural health of zoo animals?


·     Miranda Jordan-Smith (co-founder and vice-chair of Women for Humane Canada)

·     Jessica Eisen (Assistant Professor of Law, University of Alberta)



Tue., Dec. 4, evening

Who Speaks for the Animals?

Animals can’t speak for themselves. Why do some humans decide to advocate on their behalf? How do we decide what’s best for the animals?


·     Mary-Ann Holm (president of Lucy's Edmonton Advocates’ Project/LEAP)

·     Colleen St Clair (Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta)



Wed., Dec. 5, evening

Law of the Zoo

What laws and regulations apply to zoos in Alberta and Canada? Are they enough to ensure protection of zoo animals?


·     Peter Sankoff (UAlberta Faculty of Law, board of directors of Animal Justice)

·     Tove Reece (executive director of Voice for Animals Society





Fri., Dec. 7, evening

Zoos and Education

Do zoos offer a unique venue for inspiring and educating children and adults about wildlife? Is there something about seeing a living animal that can’t be taught in books or on screen?


·     Chris Fisher (best-selling author, environmental educator, professional biologist)


Sun, Dec. 9th after afternoon performance
The Canadian Dream
This salon is influenced by the story of Marcel, a key character in Matara. It tries to raise questions about the experiences of international students in Western institutions. 

Panellists: Dr Stefano Muneroni (Assistant Professor U of A - Drama); Dr Brian Karisa (A graduate from U of A working and living in Edmonton but from Kenya); Jose Leonardo Guevara (a doctoral candidate in the department of civil and environmental engineering. From Venezuela.); Jean Paul (an undergraduate student in political science from Democratic Republic of Congo.)