Production History/Archives

Thanks to the Edmonton Heritage Council, Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre has been able to archive our 40 + year history of presenting live theatre in Edmonton, and beyond. A full chronological list of all the productions staged by Workshop West throughout its history will be available on this website soon. Watch this video to see the Archives in action:


+ denotes a world-premiere / § denotes a touring production.

2017—2018 Season 

Additional 2017-2018 productions

GREY FOREST MANOR written and directed by Spasoji Milovonovic (in partnership with the Edmonton Serbian Community) +

2016—2017 Season

2015—2016 Season

Other 2015-2016 Productions:

The Canoe 2016 Theatre Festival (Chinook Series)
CRASH – written and performed by Pamela Mala Sinha (Toronto)
MISS KATELYN’S GRADE THREES PREPARE FOR THE INEVITABLE written and performed by Elena Belyea (Montreal)
LOVE IN THE MARGINS a CRIPSiE and mindhive collective production (Edmonton)
MOUTHPIECE created and performed by Amy Nostbakken & Norah Sadave – a Quote Unquote Collective production (Toronto)
PRACTICAL PLAYWRIGHTING with Daniel MacIvor Masterclass.