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Café Daughter

by Kenneth T. Williams

National Tour

to the

National Arts Centre  

June 16-18, 2017


production in association with


WWPT is THRILLED to announce that the critically acclaimed Café Daughter by Kenneth T. Williams, will begin its National Tour in Ottawa, a Magnetic North Theatre Festival / Canada Scene co-presentation, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday! Directed by Lisa C. Ravensbergen, featuring Tiffany Ayalik as Yvette Wong.

Café Daughter is based on the life of Chinese Canadian Senator and neuroscientist Lillian Eva Quan Dyck,  Café Daughter maps the hierarchy of racism in Canada, asking questions that any Canadian of mixed heritage might ask: Who am I? Who are my people? Who can I lean on when times are tough? Critically acclaimed and enthusiastically received by audiences everywhere, Café Daughter is a quintessentially Canadian play.

For more information: Café Daughter at the NAC

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Enbridge Playwrights Awards


Committed to nurturing Canadian playwriting talent, this $3,000 award is presented annually to one emerging and one established playwright to foster the development of a new play.

Alberta Theatre Projects is a national leader in play development and dramaturgy, creating and producing world premiere productions through our program Enbridge New Canadian Plays. The creation and production of new Canadian plays is at the core of what we do, and we believe that it is vitally important to our community. By sharing new stories and new perspectives from artists right here at home we feed our curiosity and engage passionately with the times we live in, and with each other. For more information about our programming please visit 

Enbridge Inc., a Canadian company, is a North American leader in delivering energy and one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations. Enbridge recognizes the value of investing expertise, energy and resources in community initiatives. Over the last decade, Enbridge has invested over $50 million in a diverse spectrum of initiatives aimed at strengthening our communities. Enbridge employs approximately 10,000 people, primarily in Canada and the U.S. and is ranked as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, and one of the Top 100 Companies to Work for in Canada. For more information, visit Enbridge Playwrights Awards.




Creating accessibility in Alberta’s deaf community

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MAY 1st, 2017


Doors at 7:30 p.m.

Award at 8:00 p.m.


The Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts showcases Edmonton’s vibrant arts and culture industry by bringing together artists, the business community, media and arts-appreciators to honour the valuable contributions Edmonton artists and arts champions make to our city.

  • Mayor’s Award for Innovative Support by a Business for the Arts
  • Mayor’s Award for Sustained Support of the Arts
  • John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts Ambassador of the Arts Award
  • ATCO Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Emerging Artist Award
  • Emerging Artist Award
  • Qualico Award for Artistic Leadership Award for Excellence in Arts Management Courage to Innovate Award


2016 Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund – Edmonton Arts Council

Published on 13 Feb 2017

The Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund (EATF) is a joint project of the Edmonton Arts Council and the Edmonton Community Foundation. The EATF invests in emerging and established Edmonton artists, allowing them a concentrated period of time to devote to their artistic work. The EATF is designed to invest in Edmonton’s creative community and to encourage artists to stay in our community. The funds are intended to offset living and working expenses, allowing the artist to devote a concentrated period of time to his/her artistic activities, career enhancement and/or development.

Recipients of the 2016 Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund:

Jessy Ardern is an actor, playwright, and youngest winner of the Harry S. Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoba play. Since moving to Edmonton, she graduated from 2016 BFA acting class at the University of Alberta, and has since shown her collaborative work with Arms Queer Theatre, the Found Festival, the Edmonton Fringe, and the Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Art.

Jason Chinn is a playwright invested in bringing our local stories to the stage. Through the exploration of controversial topics and the secrets we carry, Chinn continues to push boundaries to find new ways to make theatre more relatable.

Chris Dodd is a performing artist and writer, and was the first Deaf theatre artist to graduate with a B.A. (Honours) in Drama from the University of Alberta. Through his plays, the creation of SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival, and the Deaf Artists and Theatres Toolkit, Dodd serves as a strong advocate for Deaf arts community.

Lauren Gillis, better known as Lucette, has been making waves in the folk and country music communities since her album debuted in 2015. She is a firm believer in creating community through art, and supporting other local musicians, helping to provide opportunities for further exposure to new audiences.

As a visual artist, Taryn Kneteman, is an avid supporter of Edmonton’s network of artist-run centres, and strives to help to foster critical dialogue between artists, institutions, and non-art community members. Her work explores transitory and temporary spaces, providing a fresh perspective on spaces that are typically overlooked.

Dwayne Martineau is a long-time member of the Edmonton Arts community as a musician, photographer, and visual artist. Within the community he has played a connective and developmental role, igniting multiple successful collaborations. His recent artistic work has placed emphasis on the issues facing the Aboriginal community of Edmonton.

Conni Massing has lived and worked in Alberta for the majority of her career as a playwright, screenwriter, author, dramaturge, story editor, and teacher. Massing is a well-established mentor in the community, having worked with the Edmonton Public Library, Workshop West Theatre, and Theatre Network, among many others. In 2005 she was honoured as one the 100 people who have influenced Alberta Theatre in the last one hundred years.

Tony Olivares is a riveting performer and a vibrant member of Edmonton’s dance community. As the founder non-profit dance company TONY OLIVARES DANCE, Olivares continues to foster the education and training of the next generation of dancers and visual artists.

Gerry Potter has worked in the Edmonton community as a writer, director, script consultant and producer of both theatre and film for more than 30 years. Among his many contributions to the artistic community, Potter has lent his talents to community-engaged theatre as the founder and Artistic Producer of Rising Sun Theatre, bringing together professional theatre, dance, and musicians with adults with developmental disabilities.

Recorded music credits:
Fonogeri – The City Rushes
Evgeny Tailor – Outro
Olivier Girardot – Sneak Peek








HOT Days


Cutting Edge Performance!

at the
ATB Financial Arts Barns



Part of the Chinook Series #CANOE2017 is thrilled to be bringing Edmonton some of the finest, cutting-edge performance from around the World! See amazing, eye-opening, mind-expanding, heart-wrenching, hilarious, dark, and deep work from artists and work curated in this unique and alternative theatre festival, Edmonton’s ONLY curated performance theatre festival! Full schedules, show descriptions and artists’ bios can be found on the CHINOOK SERIES website, with more info on the WWPT website, and check out the sneak peek below to see what Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre will be presenting!

Innovation in the air: Chinook is back with warming trends in performance

By Liz Nicholls,

Posted on February 6, 2017

How do we make Canada’s stages look more like our cities? This festival is working on an answer Edmonton’s Canoe Festival will present the work of artists exclusively from the African diaspora this year


Known for its boundary-breaking theatre, Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre brings you CANOE2017, an electric theatre lineup from the heartbreaking to the bizarre. CANOE2017 is dedicated to black artists from around the world.


Created by Patricia Gomis and Marcia de Castro
Starring Patricia Gomis
A co-production between Association Djarama (Dakar), Traversee des Arts (Paris) &  Compagnie de la Casquette (Bruxelles)
A co-presentation with L’Unitheatre & Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre
presented in French with English surtitles

Moi, Monsieur, Moi is the story of a young Senegalese girl who, like many others, was shuttled from aunt, to cousin, to uncle. She served as the little maid, sweating profusely carrying heavy loads, sweeping the floor, cooking for the whole family, and washing the dirty linen. In addition to her many chores, she remained a poor student abused by many at school. Moi, Monsieur, Moi is also the story of how a girl, a young girl, becomes a woman in Africa.


Written and Performed by Nilaja Sun
Special Audio Appearance by Vivian Lee, NY1
Directed by Ron Russell
Scenic Design by Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams
Costume Design by Clint Ramos
Lighting Design by Tyler Micoleau
Sound Design by Ron Russell
A Golden Lady Production

In the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge, a struggling family prepares to ride out a hurricane. Unable to move her teenaged daughter Candace—whose mysterious aneurysm has rendered her unable to move or breathe on her own—from their sixth-floor walkup, Evelyn plans for more than just survival: she fights for healing and redemption. With Pike St., Nilaja Sun uses her trademark humour and virtuosity to bring to life the entire Lower East Side, from decorated Puerto Rican war veteran Manny, to octogenarian neighbor Mrs. Applebaum, to Candace herself, trapped in her body yet remarkably full of vigour and hope.



Written & Performed by Sébastien Heins
Directed by Karin Randoja
Dramaturgy by Jodi Essery & Karin Randoja
Set Design: Anahita Dehbonehie
Lighting Design: Jacynthe Lalonde
Sound Design: Miquelon Rodriguez
A b current & Sébastien Heins co-production

Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera is a non-stop, high energy, one-man show using original music and physical theatre to tell the parodied story of two brothers living the Hip Hop Life. Taking the audience from the 1970s all the way into the future, this fast-forwarding/rewinding live-hip-hop show is written entirely in rhyme and cleverly crafted song lyrics. Sébastien Heins utilizes Hip Hop and R & B, Rap, Soul, Funk, and Gospel to take the audience on a touching journey of family and brotherly love. Brotherhood is a triple-threat performance of theatre, dance and the immersive experience of being at a live hip hop show.

Interested in learning more? Download the Brotherhood Education Guide!

BAM! Black Arts Matter



Produced by WWPT and curated by Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate, Nasra Adem!


295584dc-38cb-49dc-821b-9326f6ef54e1 This multidisciplinary artist has performed at poetry and spoken word festivals across North America. The founder of Sister 2 Sister: Women of Colour Artistic Showcase, a monthly showcase of women artists of colour. She’s also Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate. Adem is excited to continue to use her artistic practice as a way of breaking barriers, reimagining realities and creating forward momentum within her communities.

BAM! (Black Arts Matter) is a new event featuring dozens of black artists in performance, workshops, dance, spoken word, and music!

Generously funded by the Edmonton Community Foundation

BAM! the new showcase for Edmonton’s black artists in Chinook Series 

By Liz Nicholls,

Posted on

 Canada’s First Deaf Theatre Festival!


The first of its kind in Canada, SOUND OFF brings Deaf artists from across the country together to showcase their talents, stories, and the beauty of American Sign Language.

SOUND OFF is sponsored with special funding from the Equity Office of Canada Council, Field Law Community Fund Program, Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Alberta Community Investment Program, and NICA Consolidated.

Sound-Off brings groundbreaking deaf talents to Edmonton stage by Liane Faulder


Collective artists: Theresa Upton, Hayley Hudson & Elizabeth Morris

Four unique skits in American Sign Language (ASL) with voice-over interpreters and visual aids; such as ASL original storytelling, signed music, comedy skits (based on their own personal experiences), and body/arms puppets in black-light. It is accessible and inclusive for everyone, including Deaf, hard of hearing (HoH), and hearing families and friends. Come with your families and friends and enjoy the show!


Performers: Christopher Bryan DeGuzman and Joanna Hawkins

“Hearing loss of 100 decibels is equivalent to deafness” – American Medical Association.

Deaf mime comedy troupe speaks a language with no barriers. 100 Decibels, the acclaimed troupe from Winnipeg, bridges the gap between the hearing and Deaf communities through the universal language of mime, physical comedy, and storytelling. Through their clean, crisp physical illusions, these Deaf artists tenderly depict our foibles and quirks and the joys and sorrows of human interconnections. A treat for both Deaf and hearing audiences.


Script and Music by Dave Clarke

Directed by Caroline Howarth and Mieko Ouchi

How does a young hearing boy learn to communicate with his deaf mother? Songs My Mother Never Sung Me is an opera for all ages by Dave Clarke about growing up as the child of a Deaf parent. It is performed in an emotionally resonant synthesis of sung English and American Sign Language (ASL). Dave Clarke is an Edmonton-based writer, musician, composer and audio designer who has worked extensively in theatre, television, radio and multi-media. He is also – surprisingly – a child of deaf adults; a CODA.

Songs My Mother Never Sung Me tells the story of “Mom” and “Boy” through fourteen songs. There is no spoken text. It is presented non-naturalistically by four performers, playing Mom, Mom’s Voice, Boy and Narrator. Mom is deaf and communicates using ASL. Mom’s Voice uses ASL and sings in English using ASL syntax and word order. Boy and Narrator sign ASL and sing. ASL interpretation provided.


 Featuring: Alex Bristow, Jacqueline Fink, Fatima Tun Nafisa, Taylor Schwab, Shayla-Rae Tanner, Tyson Zacharias, Allard Thomas, Caroline Bergbusch, Twyla Chartrand, Michelle Grodecki, James and Oscar, Murray Valiaho, Paula Weber

Director & Dramaturg: Chrystene Ells
Assistant Director, Co-Writer: Berny Hi
Co-Writer & Co-Director: Joanne Weber
Stage Manager: David Volk

Deaf Crows is a beautiful new physical theatre play from Thom Collegiate in Regina, written and performed by Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth and other members of the Deaf Community. Deaf Crows uses puppetry, mime, mask, projection, and American Sign Language poetry to tell personal stories about growing up deaf, and living as a deaf person in a hearing world. This acclaimed production is on tour following its SOLD OUT run in Regina. ASL and voice-over interpreting provided.

** Stay after the 5:30pm performance on Sunday, February 19 for a talkback with the artists!

SOUND OFF & Rapid Fire Theatre present:

Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition

Hear no evil!  See no evil! SOUND OFF partners with Rapid Fire Theatre to present a Theatresports extravaganza of the likes you have never seen before! Watch as two teams, one deaf and one hearing, engage in a battle of the senses and compete for your votes! In this special edition, language is forbidden! Each team cannot use signs or speech and must act out audience suggestions with the limitations of their bodies alone.

Featuring the talented performers from SOUND OFF’s shows and the esteemed improvisers from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre with special guest Connor Yuzwenko-Martin, this is an improv event that will leave you SPEECHLESS with laughter!

One night only!  ASL interpretation provided.

SOUND OFF is sponsored with special funding from the Equity Office of Canada Council, Field Law Community Fund Program, Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Alberta Community Investment Program, and NICA Consolidated.